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Transaction Services 

When choosing McGrathNicol Transaction Services you gain access to a team of transaction specialists who will help you maximise the opportunity of completing a good deal on the best possible terms; or walking away from a bad deal sooner rather than later.

Our transaction specialists help you achieve these optimal outcomes from the unique blend of their extensive deal / due diligence knowledge and experience; and the operational, forensic and restructuring expertise of our national McGrathNicol team.

Our knowledge and experience has been built on the high profile and often complex acquisitions and divestments we have been engaged on throughout the economic cycle by our private equity, corporate and banking clients.

This background enables us to provide you with the quality, independent and objective advice that you need during the transaction process.

Why choose McGrathNicol Transaction Services?

+         Quality - client driven commercial, practical and solution focused approach from the hands-on involvement of our senior people.

+         Reputation - the McGrathNicol brand which has an outstanding reputation in the lending community.

+         Value - more time to co-develop optimal solutions from our early identification, investigation and communication of key deal issues.

+         Independence - our ability to offer exclusivity.



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