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Valuations are needed for many business reasons such as in setting a price in a merger or acquisition, strategic planning, calculating damages in a legal dispute, meeting the fair value requirements of accounting standards and assessing the tax impact of a transaction.

Many valuations are subject to detailed reviews from shareholders, regulators, auditors and the courts so it is essential that the valuation techniques, quantitative and qualitative analysis and supporting documentation can withstand close scrutiny.

McGrathNicol’s valuation specialists will:

  • Save time – using our valuation experts to do it right the first time
  • Save money – by reducing review time from auditors, regulators, tax authorities and lawyers
  • Reduce risk – with objective, robust and well documented reports of the highest technical quality
  • Offer advice – helping you narrow down your strategic options
  • Make life easier – providing a solution-focused approach and hands-on involvement of senior people

How can we help?

McGrathNicol specialises in providing insights on value and robust, well documented valuations for:

Disputes and litigation
  • Economic loss and damages estimation
  • Shareholder dispute valuations
  • Independent expert reports
  • Independent expert testimony
  • Consulting expert reports
  • Class action claim analysis
  • Quantifications for mediation, arbitration and independent expert determination
Mergers and Acquisitions / Corporate strategy
  • Target valuation
  • Synergy analysis
  • Value-based strategic analysis
  • Pre-deal EPS impact of acquired intangible assets
Financial reporting
  • Business combinations / purchase price allocations
  • Impairment testing
  • IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurements
Tax compliance and efficiency
  • Consolidations
  • Capital gains
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Transfers of business interests
Investment fund / Superfund reporting
  • Unlisted investments
  • Infrastructure assets
  • Private equity investments