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Managing contracts presents a range of risks and issues, which operationally can be difficult to manage. Many of our clients take a proactive approach and others are left dealing with contractual disputes that may have been avoided had the issue been identified and/or dealt with earlier. Disputes can be concerned with matters such as claiming the reimbursement of costs not permitted in the contract, overcharging / falsifying claims for hours and materials, variations, duplication of charges, claiming of overheads and in some instances fraud, bribery or corruption.

Working to ensure each phase of the contract’s life is managed effectively provides the best opportunity to reduce the likelihood of issues arising and minimise the impact. Our team of professionals have experience across industries and all forms of contracts, including operational management when running businesses.

Our services

Our independent, experienced professionals bring well-developed analytical and commercial skills gained from hands-on experience in undertaking complex contractual and independent business reviews.

Contract Assessment diagram
View the Contract Lifecycle risks and the proactive and reactive services we provide.

View Contracts – Managing the risk of leakage and fraud to find out about the contract red flags or indicators to be aware of and how organisations can effectively manage this risk in order to reduce the likelihood of contract leakage and/or fraud.

Our experience

Mining Project

Engaged by the project sponsors of a gas fired power generation project during the construction phase. We assisted the sponsors plan for and ultimately manage through the insolvency of the EPC contractor. Our involvement ensured that this was the only project across the insolvent contractor’s portfolio that did not experience a demobilisation or interruption to construction as a result of the insolvency.

Construction Project

A contract assessment project to review costs, reimbursable expenses and contract compliance procedures by its principal construction contractor. Applying our methodology our analysis determined that our client had been overcharged an estimated $30 million. A claim was developed with lawyers and a mediation process initiated to recover the excess. Our work was used to support our client settling the claim.

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