Technology will be the dominant issue for organisations in 2017, changing the way our clients, legal firms, forensic accountants and technology specialists perform their work.

The regulatory environment in Australia and abroad continues to present greater scrutiny, compliance obligations and unwanted media attention. Set out below are seven key issues we expect will demand greater focus for organisations this year.

FF-dot-1Privacy breaches will continue to have significant cost and brand ramifications.


Analytics will continue to be a hot topic as organisations unlock valuable insights to drive strategic initiatives.


Whistleblower protection will be at the forefront of initiatives to combat foreign bribery and corruption.

FF-dot-4International arbitration will increasingly be used as a means to resolve international commercial disputes.

FF-dot-5New powerful technology will enable early identification of evidence to support or defend commercial disputes and litigation.

FF-dot-6Class action activity will proliferate with legislative developments, profit downgrades, negligent financial advice and cyber incidents.


Organisations will require new technology to respond to inevitable and unwanted corporate investigations.

McGrathNicol invests in enhancing our expertise and technology capabilities. In the year ahead, we look forward to putting these capabilities to work with boards, senior management, government and legal advisors, to respond to these and the many other challenges they face.