Maximising the opportunity of completing a good deal on the best possible terms

McGrathNicol Transactions works with our clients to use our key due diligence findings to develop the best negotiation and risk mitigation strategies. This approach ensures our clients maximise their opportunity of completing a good deal on the best possible terms; or walking away from a bad deal sooner rather than later.

McGrathNicol is able to provide our clients with a competitive edge from the proven track record and hands-on involvement of the senior members of our Transactions team.

Our senior team provides confidence around the integrity of the numbers and identifies, evaluates and communicates issues impacting purchase price early.

McGrathNicol Transactions uses a balanced financial, commercial and cash focused approach to provide our view of the:

  • quality and sustainability of revenue, earnings and cash flows;
  • business drivers and trends in profitability;
  • forecast process and underlying assumptions;
  • post-acquisition synergies and integration opportunities;
  • carve-out issues and stand-alone cost structures;
  • quality of assets and extent of judgemental / contingent liabilities;
  • current and forecast working capital and capital expenditure requirements;
  • most appropriate purchase price completion adjustment;
  • quality of the audit / reliability of source data; and
  • key deal issues and optimal negotiation and risk mitigation strategies.

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