Early warning signs for commercial property on the road...

24 September 2020 | Barry Kogan, Matthew Caddy & Mark Holland

Australia currently has a “two tiered” property market with the ongoing Victorian lockdown likely to have longer lasting impacts to Victorian property value and returns. However, ongoing tensions between landlords and tenants in many commercial property segments across the rest of Australia will mean they too will not be immune to downward swings in value and return. The last month has seen most major...

Working from home - revisited

21 September 2020 | Blare Sutton & Will Bian

Little did we realise twelve months ago how relevant our previous article was going to be when we wrote about the increased risk associated with remote working. With over 4.3 million people (32% of working Australians) working from home since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we are witnessing a working-from-home revolution. In our previous article we discussed that the blurred boundaries between...

Early warning signs for agribusiness operators on the road...

17 September 2020 | Jamie Harris, Sean Wiles, Jason Pietzner & Mark Holland

This year has been dubbed as the start of a “multi-year rebuild” for Australia’s agribusiness sector as they recover from the prolonged drought, recent bushfires, major floods and now COVID-19. Uncertainty about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has initially taken the gloss off farmer confidence, however positive seasonal conditions and solid commodity prices in most sectors have fueled farmers’ optimism as the effects...

Early warning signs for hospitality and tourism operators on...

13 August 2020 | Hugh Monaghan, Anthony Connelly & Mark Holland

Hospitality and tourism relies on human relationships and social interaction. Changing consumer demands coupled with a reduction in Government stimulus and the added cost of social distancing will have “bottom line” ramifications for many businesses in the lead up to Christmas. Driven by Government financial stimulus, many hospitality and tourism businesses have resumed operations, changed how they deliver goods and/or have shifted focus towards domestic...

Dealing with “early warning signs” on the road to...

6 August 2020 | Mark Holland & Olivia Houston

The road to economic recovery will invite new challenges and change for businesses operating in some of Australia’s key industries. But what if the road never travelled becomes bumpier than first thought? Are you aware of and prepared to address the “early warning signs” of distress to ensure your business remains viable? As restrictions begin to ease and parts of Australia move towards economic recovery...

Payroll underpayment issues – where to start?

24 June 2020 | Janine Thompson

There is no end in sight to the flow of payroll underpayment claims hitting the headlines and the desk of FairWork Australia. The problems are indiscriminate, arising in organisations within a broad range of sectors, size and structures. Why are so many underpayments coming to light? Part of the reason may be self-perpetuating. The public disclosure of underpayments by high profile entities has prompted others to...

Forecasting in uncertain times: modelling lessons from COVID-19

16 June 2020 | Aldo Gutierrez

We have been exposed to multiple COVID-19 estimates, including the number of contagious, fatalities, rates and other metrics. These forecasts consistently change and we have seen significant differences in the projected numbers. The bombardment of estimates can become overwhelming and confusing, leaving people unsure of what to believe. The question is, why are some estimates so optimistic while others ...

IN RETAIL (NEW ZEALAND): COVID-19 special edition #4

9 June 2020 | Conor McElhinney & Nick Grady

Retailers received some much-needed relief following New Zealand’s downgrade of its COVID-19 response status from Alert Level 3 to Level 2 from 14 May 2020, allowing stores to re-open, with encouraging footfall and sales data. However, there are clear winners and losers when comparing retail subsectors and locations and retailers as a whole still face extreme uncertainty as the economic and social impacts of...

Five considerations when conducting a counterparty risk review

3 June 2020 | Barry Kogan, Chris Johnson, Emmanuel Hart & Rob Arthur

The current operating environment is unprecedented and many companies will be subject to increased financial and operational pressures. These pressures may lead to counterparties experiencing distress ranging from delayed payments for supply of goods to formal enforcement action. Conducting a review of your counterparties will allow you to understand how to best manage risk along the spectrum of financial hardship, minimise disruption to supply...

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