“The toughest year of our lives…” Managing through a...

28 May 2020 | Matt Fehon & Sara Deady

“A crisis like nothing we have seen before”, “economic tsunami” “the Coronavirus recession is here” “a hundred years on, will there be another Great Depression?” The magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis reminds us (those of us who are old enough to remember!) of September 11, the GFC, “the recession we had to have” and even World War II. Pivotal events that reshaped our world,...

Engaging with stakeholders in uncertain times

25 May 2020 | Sean Wiles & Adam Blogg

Managing through the challenges that COVID-19 is creating for business will require a significant amount of support from key business stakeholders. We are already seeing Government stimulus and a flexible approach by lenders to certain business groups in anticipation of a significant adverse economic impact. Effective communication is crucial in crisis management. Trust is essential and can be earned by being factual, transparent and truthful. As...

Looking Beyond: Optimise your capital structure and execute your...

22 May 2020 | Rob Arthur & Sean Wiles

This is the final part of our series focused on strategy. So far we have covered why you need a new strategy, some of the external factors that will shape your thinking, practical considerations in remobilising your business, how previous assumptions used to manage supply chain are no longer relevant and methods to capitalise on the key strategic opportunities...

Looking Beyond: Building resilience and assessing M&A opportunities

18 May 2020 | Rob Arthur & Sean Wiles

This is the third part of a series focussed on strategy. The first and second parts covered why you need a new strategy, some of the external factors that will shape your thinking and practical considerations in remobilising your business. Now we shift our attention to how some of the previous assumptions we used to manage our supply chain...

IN RETAIL (NEW ZEALAND): COVID-19 special edition 3

12 May 2020 | Conor McElhinney, Andrew Grenfell & Nick Grady

The effect of past shocks on the retail sector and what this may tell us about a post COVID-19 environment In this special COVID-19 release, we look at what happened to retail sectors during past shocks. Although this time is different, past performance will provide an indicator of possible future performance. Historically, the hardest-hit sectors were those linked to property and construction and large capital expenditure....

Looking beyond: External factors and remobilisation

11 May 2020 | Rob Arthur & Sean Wiles

This is the second part of a series focussed on strategy. The first covered why you need a new strategy and now the focus shifts to some of the external factors that will shape your thinking and considerations in remobilising your business. Re-visiting your strategy will require the ability to solve a number of complex challenges and capitalise on opportunities, some...

ausbiztv Interview - Jason Ireland

7 May 2020

What are the next stages of recovery for the retail sector? McGrathNicol Partner, Jason Ireland speaks to ausbiztv about what “get back to normal” will look like for the retail sector and how conversations between landlords and tenants have experienced a fundamental shift.

Looking beyond: How to prepare your business for post...

6 May 2020 | Rob Arthur & Sean Wiles

Now is the time to start thinking about what the impacts of COVID-19 mean for your business in the medium to longer term. The majority of business owners have been in crisis management mode, focused on stabilising their business through a range of initiatives targeting costs, working capital and cash. The world will look a little different moving forward, with permanent shifts in business...

COVIDSafe Launch – success or failure?

4 May 2020 | Blare Sutton

The Federal Government has released a key part of its strategy to combat COVID-19 through the Google and Apple App stores. Over two million people keen to do their bit for society downloaded and installed the app in just 24 hours. With a target of 40 percent of the population for the app to be effective, adoption of COVIDSafe exploded...

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