HIH Group – Australia

Date of appointment
15 March 2001

Administration type
Court Liquidation

008 636 575

Karen San

E: enquiries@hih.com.au

Provisional Liquidation of the largest entities in the HIH Group commenced on the 15 March 2001. These companies were subsequently placed into Liquidation on the 27th August 2001.

The 8 licensed insurance companies within the group were placed into Schemes of Arrangement in Australia on 30 May 2006. 4 of these companies were also placed into Schemes of Arrangement in the UK on 13 June 2006.

The HIH website contains material relevant to creditors of any of the companies in the HIH group. Link to HIH website www.hih.com.au.

The website outlines the history of the HIH Group, details of the all the companies in external administration procedures, information relating to the Scheme of Arrangement and contact details for creditors.

General questions relating to any aspect of the HIH companies can be directed to: HIH Scheme Helpline on +61 2 9650 5777.