FDetect is an evolved forensic detection service that provides early warning and risk insights based on an understanding of human behaviours and their use of technology.

With these insights, FDetect allows you to transition quickly to a closer look or an investigation, with inbuilt mechanisms that help to mitigate the risk that the information you need to perform investigative tasks is no longer available.

The service is backed by McGrathNicol’s industry leading Forensic Response service with a foundation in Risk Management, and deep capabilities in Investigations, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity.

FDetect is technology enabled, leveraging best of breed, Australian designed and developed behavioural data science combined with a security conscious DNA.


FDetect brings you


About your information, human and security risks from your front line


Detection system for risk events that are worthy of a closer look


Forensically enhanced and routinely gathered from your environment

How does FDetect work?


We first gain an understanding of your people and their use of technology at the front line


The FDetect agent, which is the data science engine behind the FDetect service, is deployed


Behavioural and risk baselines are established based on the data provided by the FDetect agent


FDetect insights based on your profile, baseline and business requirements are established


The agent is tuned to specific insights and continuously monitored to establish the Early Warning and Risk Event Notification regime


Routine monthly insights are reported along with risk events to signal issues worthy of immediate investigation

Why FDetect?

Detection – Insights and early information

Detect human risks early

Decades of experience investigating intellectual property theft, white collar crime and cybercrime backed by leading edge behavioural analytics now provides McGrathNicol clients with an early warning into the human element of cybercrime.

We analyse patterns of behaviour from multiple sources on front line devices in your ecosystem, to form a risk based view of what is unexpected or alarming where other systems or services cannot. With access to our team of experienced investigators and analysts who are able to monitor and tune the service for your organisation, we help you respond rapidly to elevated risk events, improving detection, containment and response timeframes.


AI driven anomaly detection

Leveraging state-of-the-art behavioural analytics means that you don’t need to know what you don’t know. Dynamically learning, risk based analysis of human and machine behaviours can now alert you of unexpected events and incidents earlier.

Coupled with timely access to information and a methodical forensic expertise, means we are shortening the compromise window and helping to mitigate the probability of significant financial or reputational impact.


Response & Recovery – Forensic preservation in real-time

Dynamic and real time

Post mortem forensics is now not the only option, as our team have partnered with leading experts to design a smarter approach where evidence needed for an investigation is collected real-time, and no longer lost due to the time elapsed between an event occurring and being detected. Data is dynamically collected from multiple sources and stored securely within your own environment.

Our lightweight agent isn’t just there to alert you of strange behaviour, it is dynamically preserving the information required to support a forensic investigation when needed.


Turn detection into response

Having access to the information you need as risk events are raised means little to no lead time in starting an investigation. The FDetect platform allows our team of investigators to raise a case based on a risk threshold.

When approved by you, the data required for the investigation is automatically unlocked and decrypted for analysis.

Who is behind FDetect?

FDetect is a managed service delivered by McGrathNicol leveraging technology jointly developed with ResponSight and backed by AustCyber.

ResponSight was awarded a $250,000 grant from the AustCyber Projects Fund to develop the service, which is to be delivered in partnership with McGrathNicol.

AustCyber is the Australian Government’s accelerator arm for innovation and investment in the field of Cybersecurity. AustCyber receive hundreds of applications for funding each year and award very few opportunities in only two rounds a year.

AustCyber is excited to be working with McGrathNicol and ResponSight as they develop a system for forensic data collection, investigations and early warning risk analytics based on behavioural activity profiling over the next 12 months. I anticipate the outcomes of the project will have national, if not international, reach and impact.

Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber