Joss Howard

20 December 2021 | llumani

Joss has led teams in delivery of technical, information security and cyber resilience projects for over 25 years. She has held senior security management positions in military, industry and professional services. Joss has...

20 December 2021
Trent Whitbourn

24 November 2020 | emmarozsa

Trent is a forensic and technology specialist with more than 11 years of experience specialising in digital forensics, cyber security and information risk, end-to-end electronic discovery and data analytics. Trent has extensive...

24 November 2020
Michael Gray

2 August 2019 | emmarozsa

Michael is a highly respected technology specialist with more than 15 years of experience in Computer Forensics, Technology Investigations, Information Management and Electronic Discovery. He partners with clients to proactively...

2 August 2019
Blare Sutton

15 February 2019 | McGrathNicol

Blare is an IT professional who regularly manages highly sensitive engagements involving internal and external actors, law enforcement, financial institutions and civil remedies. He specialises in understanding business...

15 February 2019
Shane O’Keeffe

13 August 2014 | Mark Argyle

Shane leads the McGrathNicol Government Advisory team and is the Partner in charge of our Canberra office. He specialises in providing advisory services to government departments and agencies. He also has a significant background...

13 August 2014