Managing Risk

Helping your business be prepared.

As the regulatory and compliance environment gets increasingly complex, the role of boards and management in overseeing a strategic approach to governance is critical.  Managing change such as an increasing geopolitical risk environment presents further challenges and a focus on control environments.  

McGrathNicol’s team of risk specialists can work with your business to identify and categorise the myriad of risks facing your organisation, as well as providing advice and recommendations for responding to and managing these risks in the most efficient and effective manner. We can assess your risk frameworks, assist with the identification of risks, isolate areas to uplift risk management, and pinpoint duplication and redundancy.  We assist you to identify information gaps that may assist in identifying risks. 

McGrathNicol works with your organisation to develop and implement robust organisational risk frameworks, policies, systems and controls that meet legislative and policy responsibilities and align with better practice including the Australian Risk Management Standards. Our team takes pride in developing strong working relationships, to build a deep understanding of their business and provide implementable and practical recommendations. 

How we can help

Business Resilience

Access to an experienced team that works with your organisations to assess and strengthen business resilience.


Geopolitical Risk

Helping you enhance the security, optimisation and resilience across all aspects of your supply chain.


Intelligence as a Service

Providing on-call, quality intelligence to help you identify and mitigate security and cyber risk, investigate concerns and build resilience.


Payroll Advisory

Helping you achieve efficiency and regulatory compliance within your payroll function.


Regulatory Compliance

Assisting regulators and organisations to understand compliance activity within their sector and assist in driving regulatory change.


Risk & Controls

Working with your business to review and strengthen risk environments, ensuring compliance with better practice.