Restoring stability and maximising value by navigating financial and operational challenges.

We put plans into action that restore stability and deliver value. Partnering with boards, management teams and financiers facing situations of financial distress, we quickly identify root causes, formulate turnaround strategies and implement value-maximising restructures. We advise companies across all industry sectors and business sizes.

Known for their commercial acumen and exceptional leadership, our highly regarded specialists are experts at:

  • assessing and monitoring financial performance;
  • navigating businesses through Safe Harbour legislation;
  • developing and implementing turnaround strategies; and
  • executing business restructures through schemes of arrangement and insolvency processes.

Having multiple offices nationally and an established international capability allows us to deploy professionals wherever required to meet your needs.

We have successfully helped businesses facing financial distress through:

  • independent assessment of business performance and viability;
  • developing and implementing turnaround and performance improvement initiatives;
  • advising and assisting with restructurings involving business divestment, integration and/or closure;
  • advising boards wanting to take advantage of Safe Harbour legislation;
  • advising financiers and companies throughout debt and capital restructure processes;
  • providing strategic advice in debt to equity/loan to own special situations; and
  • preserving creditor rights and maximising value through insolvency processes.

Why choose us?

  • We defuse stressful situations so that businesses and stakeholders can focus on what is most important to them.
  • We have a proven reputation with our clients for delivering high-quality outcomes and valuable advice.
  • We help you protect your reputation and bring stability to your business by implementing powerful solutions.
  • Our processes are transparent and our communication is clear.
  • We have extensive experience spanning highly complex and mid-market environments.
  • We maintain strict confidentiality.

Our Restructuring Services

Special Situations

Executing innovative solutions to maximise value for businesses in financial distress.

We work with sophisticated investors and businesses wanting to maximise value in financially distressed situations. Drawing on our extensive experience, we advise businesses and multi-jurisdictional funders holding positions in all aspects of the capital structure. We assess business performance, restructuring options and develop and implement innovative solutions to maximise value.

Our team of specialists regularly:

  • assess restructure options for financially distressed businesses and their impact on all components of the capital structure;
  • represent businesses in financial distress with complex contractual obligations and financing arrangements;
  • represent the interests of competing debt and capital providers in situations involving complex intercreditor funding arrangements;
  • navigate debt providers and financial investors through schemes of arrangement involving innovative restructurings; and
  • implement complex restructures through insolvency processes including recapitalisations, loan to own and business sales.

We assist clients with:

  • renegotiating onerous contracts and unsustainable financing arrangements;
  • debt to equity conversions;
  • recapitalisation and turnaround;
  • business divestment; and
  • business cessation and wind up.


Restoring value in challenging circumstances.

We work with underperforming businesses to navigate challenging circumstances and restore value.  Working collaboratively with boards and management teams, we assess the causes and circumstances of underperformance and bring about change to drive financial turnaround and restore value.  In heightened situations of financial distress, where future solvency may be less certain, we work with companies to enable their boards to access the legislative protections of Safe Harbour.

Our team of turnaround specialists are experts at:

  • assessing financial performance and levers for improvement;
  • identifying critical success factors and assisting businesses deliver against them;
  • improving profit and cash flow generation;
  • developing and documenting business strategy; and
  • navigating businesses and Boards through Safe Harbour.

We assist clients with:

  • independent analysis to assess financial performance;
  • driving profit growth and cash flow improvement;
  • delivering cost out programmes;
  • developing and implementing structured turnaround plans;
  • building financial models which forecast and track financial performance;
  • assessing Safe Harbour qualification criteria; and
  • guiding Boards through the Safe Harbour process.


A professional and empathetic approach to insolvency appointments.

We take a professional approach to all forms of corporate insolvency, respecting and empathising with affected stakeholders in acutely stressful circumstances. We take command of situations, quickly assess available options and implement the most favourable strategy to maximise value for creditors. We administer insolvency appointments across all industry sectors and business sizes.

Our highly regarded insolvency specialists regularly:

  • advise boards, financiers and stakeholders on insolvency processes and options;
  • administer all forms of corporate insolvency including voluntary administrations, deeds of company arrangement, receiverships and liquidations;
  • implement value maximising restructures within the insolvency regime including recapitalisations, debt to equity conversions and business sales;
  • conduct impartial investigations into business collapse; and
  • asset and fund tracing analysis and expert reports.

We have extensive experience administering insolvency assignments of varying complexity, size and solution. Potential outcomes of insolvency processes include:

  • recapitalisation and turnaround;
  • business divestment; and
  • business cessation and wind up.