Independent price setting that can withstand scrutiny from your stakeholders.

Valuation advice needs to be rigorous, objective and reliable — and perhaps most importantly, it must withstand scrutiny from investors, shareholders, regulatory bodies and auditors. 

Our experts provide valuation advice for: 

  • Businesses and equity interests for purposes including financial reporting, tax compliance and transactions. 

  • Synergy and value-based strategic analysis for merger and acquisitions or corporate strategy purposes. 

  • Intangible assets, including pre-deal earnings per share (EPS) impact of acquired intangible assets. 

  • Purchase price allocations for business combination, financial reporting and tax compliance purposes. 

  • Financial derivatives.

  • Independent Expert Reports, including for takeovers, mergers, capital raisings and related party transactions.  

  • Impairment testing. 

Partnering with McGrathNicol means you will receive independent valuation advice based on our industry knowledge.