Detect, prevent and respond to fraud and financial misconduct.

McGrathNicol’s forensic investigation team can help you detect, prevent and respond to fraud, corruption, regulatory issues or internal financial misconduct concerns. 

Our high-performing specialised team applies a diverse range of skills and experience including accounting, law-enforcement, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, enhanced counterparty due diligence, forensic technology, fund tracing, data analytics and risk management. We work closely with regulators, management, boards of directors, and their legal teams across all industries including the financial services, corporate and government sectors. 

We can assist with: 

  • Investigations into money-laundering, local or foreign bribery and other serious financial crime matters. 

  • Independent fraud, corruption, integrity and misconduct investigations. 

  • Response to regulatory inquiries and concerns. 

  • Contract compliance reviews and investigations. 

  • Enhanced counterparty due diligence. 

  • Investigations into national security concerns. 

  • Fraud risk management and the design of anti-fraud control environments. 

  • Analysis of significant volumes of disparate data sets to identify and visually represent fraud risks.