Finance Transformation

Assess and improve the processes, systems and reporting of finance functions.

Expectations around the role of Finance have evolved – what was once a straightforward control function is now relied on as a strategic business partner. At McGrathNicol, we understand that transformation can be complex. It requires clear direction, robust planning and effective implementation.   

Our experienced team can identify key issues and improvement opportunities in your finance function across four dynamics: people, processes, systems and reporting.  

We can help you: 

  • assess the capability and capacity of your finance team 

  • increase process and procedural efficiency 

  • scope systems deficiencies 

  • co-ordinate and manage change 

  • improve output quality, reporting and data analytics. 

Partnering with McGrathNicol delivers practical, implementable actions and team development, allowing you to transition responsibility, driving a culture of ownership, accountability, and continuous improvement.