Congratulations to our newly promoted professionals

16 December 2022

McGrathNicol believes the expertise of our people is the strength of our firm. We would like to congratulate the following professionals on their promotion, effective 1 January 2023.

Senior Manager
  • Samantha Wulff, Melbourne

  • Tom Shaw, Sydney 

  • Alex Haupt, Canberra

  • Yiran Lin, Melbourne

  • Adam Cutler, Sydney

  • Alex Woolcott, Sydney

  • Chloe Miller, Sydney

  • Matthew Killalea, Sydney 

Assistant Manager
  • Anand Sivasankar, Brisbane

  • Andrew Schlencker, Brisbane

  • Matin Mastypour, Canberra

  • Mrittika Halder, Canberra

  • Nomin Munkhjargal, Canberra

  • Ziggy Curtis, Canberra

  • Antoine Cleuet, Perth

  • Jaydon Heerema, Perth

  • Allison Shepherd, Sydney

  • Lachlan Ward, Sydney

  • Oliver Coble, Sydney

Senior Analyst
  • Mika Yamada, Canberra (Senior Consultant)

  • Ruth Cartwright, Canberra (Senior Consultant)

  • Harry Biggs, Melbourne

  • Walter Jones, Melbourne

  • Curtley Duncan, Sydney

  • Neil Matani, Sydney

  • Piyush Pujara, Sydney 

Practice Services / Client Administration
  • Grace Comerford, HR Advisor

  • Sophia Lyras, Office Manager