Ladies who launch

As a female who has worked in the technology industry for the last 14 years, I am always inspired when I hear of amazing ladies that have made a name for themselves in our male dominated industry. A great example is Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. If being number one on Forbes 100 most powerful women list isn’t enough, Sheryl has a personal fortune of $1.4 billion, is top executive at one of the world’s most valuable brands and, to top it off, is a mother of two. Having the opportunity to be such an influential voice for female empowerment is an amazing position to be in, especially when 25% of IT jobs are now held by women.

So, what better time to have our voices heard and make a name for ourselves in the tech world. It is now even easier to unite with likeminded ladies, with a few clicks of a button we can track down an abundance of meet ups such as ‘Girl Geek Dinner Sydney’ and ‘Tech Ready Women’ and can get involved with events like ‘Australian Women in Tech’.

My message to all of my colleagues in the technology industry, whether you are starting your climb up the corporate tech ladder or are already up there, join forces and speak up. Our voice and success is the best inspiration we can offer to secure the future of women in technology.