Highly regarded forensic specialist who regularly acts as expert witness in significant commercial disputes.

John is a leading dispute advisory expert advising clients and providing objective analysis of transactions in major commercial disputes.

He draws on skills from accounting, finance, costing and general commercial advice to deliver analysis and opinions on issues that generally involve large data sets or complex issues. A significant part of his work involves the provision of valuation advice related to assets, equities and other matters in dispute settings.

John provides expert evidence in commercial matters where there are significant differences (or disagreements) of financial outcomes. His role requires the preparation of simple yet comprehensive reports and financial models to assist the court or arbitration. John’s key objective is to simplify concepts for readers who are not subject matter experts.

John uses his expert witness experience in a proactive way by advising major corporate and government bodies as they enter long-term agreements. He also regularly draws on data analytics and electronic discovery solutions to access large volumes or disperse sets of data.

"I am privileged to act as an independent expert in large commercial issues. The insights from accounting, financial, valuation and commercial analysis enable the judiciary to grasp the consequences of arguments before them."

John McGuiness

Qualifications & memberships

  • Master of Business Administration, Queensland University of Technology

  • Master of Applied Finance, Queensland University of Technology

  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), University of Queensland

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Queensland

  • Associate, CA ANZ