Court Liquidation

A final, fair and orderly solution.

A court liquidation allows for a methodical approach to winding up a company and bringing its affairs to an end. 

When a business cannot pay its debts, creditors, company members and other interested parties can seek a court liquidation to remove the control from its directors and shareholders, and replace them with an independent liquidator.  Once appointed, the McGrathNicol liquidator will ensure that the appropriate investigations are undertaken, and the best possible outcome is achieved for all interested parties.  

Our team understands the impacts of insolvency and how this is detrimental to all parties. We assist with: 

  • locating and selling company assets 

  • investigating director conduct and reporting misconduct to the regulator 

  • identifying and pursuing any legal claims that may recover funds 

  • distributing funds to creditors in the order required by law. 

Monies are returned to unsecured creditors by dividing those funds in proportion to the value of their claims so that all unsecured creditors will get the same rate of return. Court liquidation provides a final, fair and orderly solution for instances where a company cannot pay its debts.